The Proverbial Shelf…

It’s funny how one’s lives can get so busy that “you” the “writer” can forget that writing needs to be apart of that “busy” we are all so good at..

Irish Jewel, my second novel  has been sitting on the proverbial shelf for quite sometime now.  I talk about it and think about it,  tell others about it,  however I  have not actually written a word in almost a month now. I think every writer has these moments where they need to step away and get inspired and then come back refreshed and ready… Awww.. refreshed and ready that is exactly how I feel now.

So.. my plan you might ask is to set yet another deadline to finish Irish Jewel and so I did just that.   I chose August 15th, 2011..  Why August 15th? I have no idea.. Just sounded doable and faraway enough where I can have that flexiblility to, well set another deadline.

Irish Jewel is now off the proverbial shelf and in my hands..  It’s outcome is now up to me..

I will be keeping you posted..


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Find an Audience..

One of the best writing excercises  that works like a charm for me is to read what I have written outloud either to myself or in front of an interested audience.  In my case,  I read my finished chapters to my friend Teri. I enjoy hearing her feedback and it gives me an opportunity to figure out if (as a reader) I stumble over my words or if they flow right off the page.   If I struggle to read it, then my readers will struggle to read it. So, that is where the read and fix comes in.

Definition of Read and fix:  Of course to read, re-work and edit for content…

This works wonders.. I promise!!

Let me know if you find an audience.. Consider it an open mic and a great opportunity!!

See you tomorrow with  more Keys to Write by…


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A Little Trick I Discovered…

While writing my first novel I discovered a neat little trick that helped me organize my notes and stay focused during the writing process.

When I have  a creative moment and write a paragraph or two  but I am not quite sure where this paragraph fits in my manuscript,  I  highlight it in a color (my color yellow) and then push it down in my word document so I can place it later.  It works.. I promise and I have shared this trick with many of my authors and they said it has helped so much.  

By pushing it down, you won’t lose it in your sea of words and its highlighted so you can find it easier..  

Let me know if you try it…

See you tomorrow with  more Keys to Write by…


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I’M Back … and I have a plan!!

Happy New Year!!  I am back and I have a plan…   My plan for 2011 …  to teach what I have learned about writing and to blog about it daily..  A challenge I give myself that perhaps could lead to a book by the end of the year. One never knows and  I just so happen to know of an excellent publishing company….;-)

My Goal:   I want to  teach what I have learned not only from a writers point of view, but from a publishers point of view.  Being on both sides of the type writer keys has been an interesting journey and I have learned something new everyday.

So.. what to call this plan of mine.. … got it.. 

The Keys to Write By…

Key One:  Write something everyday…. a thought, a paragraph, an idea for a book, an article.  Write for you, for your family….just write.  

Cya tomorrow…


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The Open Book

As I mentioned in the last issue, I have taken on a new venture. I have been busy interviewing authors on my talk show called The Open Book aired on Blab TV in Sarasota, Florida.  It has been such a great experience and I have so enjoyed hearing the stories behind the book from each author that has been on the show.  Please note that the air time has changed. It will now air bi-weekly on Blab TV, channel 189- Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 7:30. It is my hope that you will tune in. Again, if you have a book to share and would like to be on the show, please contact the Peppertree Press office at 941-922-2662 or email me directly at:

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An Awe-Inspiring Moment!!

I have many opportunities to meet the most interesting, creative and talented people on a day to day basis and I am continuously awed by all of them. It is when I am awed and believe in what they have to offer 100%, I will promote them 100%. If I may introduce you to a new company that can take your published children’s books and bring them to life with his voice or what I should say; voices.  Narration Plantation is the name of the company and the founders are Andrew and Jeanne Snedeker. They will bring your characters and story to life with a unique, original voice and personality. If you are interested in finding out more please contact this lovely couple directly at: . You will be awed indeed!

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“Just Write”

If you ask a writer during a twenty-four hour period what they would rather be doing at any given time, the answer by far would be …“To write.” You see, a writer’s dream is to “just write” as their characters, settings and story lines are always swirling around in their heads and putting them down on paper is the best feeling of accomplishment.  To challenge yourself with writing is another way to grow and stretch your abilities as a writer. So with that said,  If you have finished your manuscript and you are ready to publish, contact the Peppertree Press, An Independent Book Publishing Company located right here in Sarasota. We publish all genres from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, inspirational, educational, children’s and more. Bringing your words to fruition is a great way to leave a legacy. Check out the Peppertree Press website at: and then give us a call at 941.922.2662.

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“Maine” Book Store…

Last week I received a phone call from a book store. Being a publisher I get many phone calls from book stores, however this one particular book store was quite special.  I answerd the phone and introduced myself.  The caller said, “I would like to order a few books please.” I said, of course which title?  She said, Haunted Echoes.    Of course, I screamed right in this poor womans ear because the book she wanted to order was my own and I was to send it to Maine where my story takes cool is that?  I was happy to sign the copies and send them all the way to Rockland, Maine to a little book store on Main Street would you believe?  So, now my words are being read in Maine.. I am so excited.  I wish they would place the books in the window and take a picture and send it to me… lol…

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Making Time to Blog..

So when I decided to create a blog I was thinking that it would be an everyday thing. Not a big deal. I would  just jot my thoughts down and wait for the comments from my fellow blog followers.  Now that my week is almost half over I am hopeful that blogging will be a once a week thing, however I am okay with that…

My life has been pretty busy lately. My daughter graduated from High School a couple of weeks ago, we moved into a new house and now my middle son will be graduating from college in August. It’s all good stuff however I am looking forward to a weekend where it just involves me, my imagination and my typewriter keys… Sounds like heaven on earth…

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The Hats We Wear…

Since I wear many hats in a days time from being a mom, wife, writer, author, publisher,  speaker, and business owner,  I have been trying to figure out how to add one more hat to my resume and that of course would be: blogger.   I am really not sure how to blog… Isn’t that weird?

When my kids were little I used to write everyday in their journals on the days activities.  Fun little stories of what we did together like going to the park or visiting the dentist. I would write to them sort of like a Dear Diary, but I would replace the Diary part and add their names.   Each of my children, all three of them ended up with  10 journals. I plan to give them their journals someday maybe when they are all grown up and married. Perhaps they will appreciate my effort.

So, now that I am writing, I suppose this is how you blog right?  Help me out experienced bloggers and let’s chat.  I suppose you could say that my blogger hat is on and it fits nicely.

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