To Blog or Not to Blog!!!

To Blog or Not to Blog!!!

For those of you who blog you know exactly what I am talking about.  Our days are full from start to finish and finding the time to write a few words on your “suppose to be” daily blog sometimes– well sometimes just doesn’t happen.

Last week I had an inspirational meeting with one of my authors and friends Cynthia Schrock, who wrote a wonderful book called The Ultimate Gift of a Birthday.  We talked extensively about blogging or the lack of in our schedules.  Our plan now is to blog once a week and hold each other accountable so we shook hands to seal the deal.  Well.. since we shook on it then we have no choice.:-)

So Cynthia and I challenge you to find a blog buddy and come up with a plan. And don’t forget to shake on it…

Until the next time we chat…

and Thank you Cynthia…

Julie Ann


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One Response to To Blog or Not to Blog!!!

  1. Cynthia Schrock says:

    Haha!!!!! Love it!!! Great minds think alike!!!!

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