Deadline Changed… :-)

Okay….  My deadline to finish my novel Irish Jewel has now changed… again. My son Ryan  encouraged me daily,  however I just could not get myself to sit down and write Irish Jewel. Instead, I was inspired to write another children’s book. My fourth children’s book which is very exciting.  The title:   The Tooth Be Told. The words have been written and now edited. The illustrator was chosen and now the illustrations are done.  The book is being formatted by my favorite designer through my own and favorite company, the Peppertree Press.  Should be ready before school starts.

So, I am not beating myself up for not making the Irish Jewel deadline of August 15th I promise.  It is simple.. .Change the date and move forward.

So, the new deadline will be… December 1st. Yes, why not during the holidays?  It will be way more challenging for me and I am always up for a challenge.

As always,  I will keep you posted with more keys to write by. Keep writing and keep getting inspired.


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2 Responses to Deadline Changed… :-)

  1. Gordon says:

    Sounds good to me. You can’t beat yourself up. You can only do today and tomorrow what life allows you to do. (I’m good at giving advice but very poor on taking it. LOL)

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