The Proverbial Shelf…

It’s funny how one’s lives can get so busy that “you” the “writer” can forget that writing needs to be apart of that “busy” we are all so good at..

Irish Jewel, my second novel  has been sitting on the proverbial shelf for quite sometime now.  I talk about it and think about it,  tell others about it,  however I  have not actually written a word in almost a month now. I think every writer has these moments where they need to step away and get inspired and then come back refreshed and ready… Awww.. refreshed and ready that is exactly how I feel now.

So.. my plan you might ask is to set yet another deadline to finish Irish Jewel and so I did just that.   I chose August 15th, 2011..  Why August 15th? I have no idea.. Just sounded doable and faraway enough where I can have that flexiblility to, well set another deadline.

Irish Jewel is now off the proverbial shelf and in my hands..  It’s outcome is now up to me..

I will be keeping you posted..


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4 Responses to The Proverbial Shelf…

  1. Hi Julie Ann! What a nice surprise to find this! I read the first portion of your new book and I am truly intrigued . . . looking forward to the completed book . . .

    I have been posting pieces that you have published for me on a blog as well (

    I am looking foward to continuing to submit my work to you and collaborating on future projects!

  2. Good Morning Julie,
    I like the deadline idea. I’ve been procrastinating with starting my second novel. The first one was easy but for some reason I’m stalling on this second one. I stay busy with my blog and marketing but I can’t seem to begin book two. So, perhaps if I give myself a deadline, I’ll actually begin my next big project. Something to think about…
    Keep on writing;)

  3. Hi Leah..

    Thanks for your comment.. I just posted another blog today and I have changed my deadline for Irish Jewel again.. lol..It’s all good.

    Thank you for reading my blog and good luck with your writing. It starts with your fingers clicking the keyboard and then your story develops … 🙂
    Keep me posted…

    Julie Ann

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