Find an Audience..

One of the best writing excercises  that works like a charm for me is to read what I have written outloud either to myself or in front of an interested audience.  In my case,  I read my finished chapters to my friend Teri. I enjoy hearing her feedback and it gives me an opportunity to figure out if (as a reader) I stumble over my words or if they flow right off the page.   If I struggle to read it, then my readers will struggle to read it. So, that is where the read and fix comes in.

Definition of Read and fix:  Of course to read, re-work and edit for content…

This works wonders.. I promise!!

Let me know if you find an audience.. Consider it an open mic and a great opportunity!!

See you tomorrow with  more Keys to Write by…


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3 Responses to Find an Audience..

  1. Hi Julie, I’m new here but I just had to comment on this post. I agree with you on this…reading my piece out loud has helped me to notice awkward writing and errors. I need to remember to do this before I hit the post button on my blog, Thanks for the reminder;)

  2. Leah.. that is funny. I know i find myself reading my blogs a few times before hitting the publish button. Yikes..
    However, I think we can be more relaxed when it comes to writing blogs, don’t you?
    Julie Ann

  3. Yes we can but I’m somewhat of a control freak and cannot help myself 😉

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