A Little Trick I Discovered…

While writing my first novel I discovered a neat little trick that helped me organize my notes and stay focused during the writing process.

When I have  a creative moment and write a paragraph or two  but I am not quite sure where this paragraph fits in my manuscript,  I  highlight it in a color (my color yellow) and then push it down in my word document so I can place it later.  It works.. I promise and I have shared this trick with many of my authors and they said it has helped so much.  

By pushing it down, you won’t lose it in your sea of words and its highlighted so you can find it easier..  

Let me know if you try it…

See you tomorrow with  more Keys to Write by…


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3 Responses to A Little Trick I Discovered…

  1. Forest Balderson says:

    I will be watching and learning! Best, Forest Balderson

    • Hi Forest. ..

      Thank you so much… I am happy you found my blog.. It inspires me to know that you read my blog..
      Have a great rest of the weekend..

      Julie Ann

      • I tried it and loved it ( of course I tweaked it:). Because I often write academically, I underlined my thesis paragraph then copied and pasted it, again. Then I sandwiched the body of my work in between the two, so that I know I’m consistent about the topic I choseThanks!
        Forest Balderson, Eckerd College student of creative writing.

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