Making Time to Blog..

So when I decided to create a blog I was thinking that it would be an everyday thing. Not a big deal. I would  just jot my thoughts down and wait for the comments from my fellow blog followers.  Now that my week is almost half over I am hopeful that blogging will be a once a week thing, however I am okay with that…

My life has been pretty busy lately. My daughter graduated from High School a couple of weeks ago, we moved into a new house and now my middle son will be graduating from college in August. It’s all good stuff however I am looking forward to a weekend where it just involves me, my imagination and my typewriter keys… Sounds like heaven on earth…

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One Response to Making Time to Blog..

  1. millie richmond says:

    Hi, Julie,
    I enjoyed meeting and listening to you in Sebring last week. Tried to e-mail you but it kept asking for a PW which I don’t know. How can I reach you by e-mail?
    Many thanx,
    millie richmond

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