“Maine” Book Store…

Last week I received a phone call from a book store. Being a publisher I get many phone calls from book stores, however this one particular book store was quite special.  I answerd the phone and introduced myself.  The caller said, “I would like to order a few books please.” I said, of course which title?  She said, Haunted Echoes.    Of course, I screamed right in this poor womans ear because the book she wanted to order was my own and I was to send it to Maine where my story takes place..how cool is that?  I was happy to sign the copies and send them all the way to Rockland, Maine to a little book store on Main Street would you believe?  So, now my words are being read in Maine.. I am so excited.  I wish they would place the books in the window and take a picture and send it to me… lol…

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2 Responses to “Maine” Book Store…

  1. Kim Bache says:

    Julie Ann,
    I am soooooooooo excited for you. I have now sent you my manuscript, and in the meanwhile, I read part of your book “Haunted Echoes”, I am very interested, just from the small portion I read, you can picture it all! What a great story, I will be buying your book.

  2. nrhatch says:

    That is so fun.
    I’m adding your blog to my blog roll. : )

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