Welcome to My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog.. I am so excited to be able to chat with authors about everything to do with writing, creating characters,  and the hardest of all, getting published. Hope you will join me in this new venture … It’s going to be a great ride…

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3 Responses to Welcome to My First Blog

  1. mike says:

    Passion for the written word, for story telling, for reading and using a different part of your imagination than any other venue can provide, is also strong in my blood. In these times of modern technology, when reading is at its all time low I remind all that even the best movie was first written….blood, ink, and tears……so keep writing for storytelling is one of the oldest and purest forms of expression. Stories, handed down from thousands of years ago are a common link between all cultures on earth. Story telling is a tie that binds…..
    Mike Wall

  2. So true Mike Wall.. So true

  3. Anne Armand says:

    Nice site Julie Ann…Have my copy of your book Haunted Echoes. Being a New Englander, I can relate to the setting. The book is an easy read and FUN. Makes one afraid of the attic! As a story teller and author I can appreciate the effort and commitment it takes to pluck the story in ‘head’ and get it onto the printed page.

    Anne Armand

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