Did you know that the Peppertree Press publishes ebooks? Find out more by contacting us at the Peppertree office: 941.922.2662

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Copyright Tip of the day from Julie Ann ….

I often get questions from authors about copyright. My favorite way to copyright might sound old fashioned… however it works. Print out your manuscript and then mail it to yourself and do not open it.. Tuck it away in a drawer. It will stand up in a court of law..

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Books on Hand

Authors ask me daily to share promotional ideas with them on just how to advertise their books. I can certainly give them a long list of ideas in a matter of minutes, however my favorite marketing tip would be to make sure to keep books with you at all times. Whether you keep them in your purse, briefcase or the trunk of your car -one just never knows when you might have an opportunity to put your book into the hands of your readers.

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A Captive Audience!!

As a book publisher and speaker I have many opportunities to speak in front of a variety of audiences in our community. I find it so inspiring to talk with my fellow writers and just yesterday I spoke to a fine group of writers down in North Port about the steps to publishing their manuscripts. I wanted to thank Chris for giving the Peppertree Press office a call and inviting me as the keynote speaker for her fine writers group. I enjoyed it so much!!

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The Next Chapter!!

Isn’t it the best feeling to finish a chapter and then to start a new one? I make myself finish a chapter before I move forward to a new one. I might have a slight plan for the next, however I make certain I am 100% satisfied with the entire chapter before I move on.. Sounds logical I suppose, however it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I then can move on to the next chapter knowing I have twenty some chapters written, edited and finalized!!

Now on to the next chapter!!

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Publishing Company Celebrates Milestone: The Peppertree Press Has Published Over 400 Books

Publishing Company Celebrates Milestone:
The Peppertree Press Has Published Over 400 Books

Sarasota, Florida – Sarasota-based independent publisher, The Peppertree Press, is pleased to announce a milestone in its history. As of this Spring, The Peppertree Press will have published over 400 books.

Founded in 2006, The Peppertree Press was created to help authors navigate the ever-changing terrain of book publishing. Founder Julie Ann Howell, an author herself, says that she knows first-hand how challenging it can be to get a book published: “Too often, authors are confounded when trying to navigate the complicated maze of publishing. My goal in creating The Peppertree Press was to provide a way for authors to get published easily, professionally, and successfully.”

Ms. Howell, Publisher at The Peppertree Press, is assisted by Teri Lynn Franco, who serves as the company’s Editorial Director. The Peppertree Press also engages a large network of independent specialists including cover designers, editors, proofreaders, illustrators, and interior designers.

With an eclectic catalogue of titles by design—fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, children’s books, poetry, biography, autobiography, educational titles and cookbooks—Ms. Howell says that her own literary tastes influenced her decision to cast a wide net when selecting titles for publication: “As an avid reader, my own tastes run the gamut from literary fiction to non-fiction to poetry and just about everything in between. When I founded The Peppertree Press, my goal was to give voice to good writers and deliberately set out to publish a wide range of titles. Our goal, which we have achieved, was to publish an extensive and eclectic catalogue of titles.”

Offering a comprehensive array of services for authors, The Peppertree Press assists in cover art design, editing, interior layout and design, book registration, distribution and marketing.

With a growing international presence, The Peppertree Press has published a number of award-winning books, which have been recognized by such prestigious awards programs as the Readers’ Choice Awards, the Royal Palms Literary Awards, and the Mom’s Choice Awards.

The Peppertree Press is able to publish most works in a 6-8 week time period. While traditionally-published authors sometimes wait years to see a book project come to fruition, The Peppertree Press is able to act quickly and deliver a finished book to an author in a short period of time. In addition, the Peppertree Press is committed to providing personal service to all of its authors. That philosophy—providing professional publishing services with a personal touch—is a key component of the company’s mission.

The Peppertree Press is located at 1269 First Street, Suite 7 in Sarasota, Florida 34236. To reach The Peppertree Press by phone, please call: 941-922-2622. Visit The Peppertree Press online at: http://www.peppertreepublishing.com. Find The Peppertree Press on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/PeppertreePublishing

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A Quote by Julie Ann Howell

“Write what you know and write it from your heart”

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To Blog or Not to Blog!!!

To Blog or Not to Blog!!!

For those of you who blog you know exactly what I am talking about.  Our days are full from start to finish and finding the time to write a few words on your “suppose to be” daily blog sometimes– well sometimes just doesn’t happen.

Last week I had an inspirational meeting with one of my authors and friends Cynthia Schrock, who wrote a wonderful book called The Ultimate Gift of a Birthday.  We talked extensively about blogging or the lack of in our schedules.  Our plan now is to blog once a week and hold each other accountable so we shook hands to seal the deal.  Well.. since we shook on it then we have no choice.:-)

So Cynthia and I challenge you to find a blog buddy and come up with a plan. And don’t forget to shake on it…

Until the next time we chat…

and Thank you Cynthia…

Julie Ann


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My New Book has been Published!! Check it out.. The Tooth Be Told


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Deadline Changed… :-)

Okay….  My deadline to finish my novel Irish Jewel has now changed… again. My son Ryan  encouraged me daily,  however I just could not get myself to sit down and write Irish Jewel. Instead, I was inspired to write another children’s book. My fourth children’s book which is very exciting.  The title:   The Tooth Be Told. The words have been written and now edited. The illustrator was chosen and now the illustrations are done.  The book is being formatted by my favorite designer through my own and favorite company, the Peppertree Press.  Should be ready before school starts.

So, I am not beating myself up for not making the Irish Jewel deadline of August 15th I promise.  It is simple.. .Change the date and move forward.

So, the new deadline will be… December 1st. Yes, why not during the holidays?  It will be way more challenging for me and I am always up for a challenge.

As always,  I will keep you posted with more keys to write by. Keep writing and keep getting inspired.


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